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CSI:LV Missing Scenes in 500 Words
"Are we paying you by the word?"
Community Re-Launch 
8th-Feb-2006 09:27 pm
Hi, y'all! I'm happy to announce the re-launch of csi_missing_500. minttown1 and I are stepping in for obsidian_rai as your new mods. We've given the community a bit of a different look, and the rules have expanded to welcome any CSI:LV 500 word post-ep, anytime! Check out the new rules when you get a chance.

We're also going to be starting up the weekly challenges again. Challenges will be announced Thursday night, and stories for that challenge should be posted before Friday of the next week. (We won't fuss about the precise hour since we're all in different timezones.) When there's a new show airing, that one will be the challenge. When there's a rerun, the challenge will be randomly chosen from Seasons 1-5.

I'm hoping that with a bit of loving attention, this comm can get back to being the active, fun place it was in the first few weeks of its launch. What could be better than pretending we're the CSI writers, adjusting the scripts to fit what we wanted to see, and stretching our writing skills by doing it all in just 500 words?

Hope to see you all jumping in with stories, plot bunnies, or feedback! And if there's any feedback you'd like to give us, the mods, about how to make this place inviting and fun to write for, please do suggest!
9th-Mar-2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
Wow. *grins* The comm looks *great*. I'm so happy you guys wanted to take over. Hopefully soon I'll be able to participate.
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