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CSI:LV Missing Scenes in 500 Words
"Are we paying you by the word?"
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16th-Sep-2005 03:02 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
Alright, sorry about the unexpected hiatus, but I am back. With a new challenge and a new idea for the challenges starting next week.

This week you can write 500 words of a missing scene *or* a coda to Grave Danger.

Next week we're going to start doing missing scenes/codas to the new eps.

Let me know if scripts are needed. The website I usually get the scripts from bombarded my computer with popups so bad last time I visited that my computer overloaded and almost shut down, so if scripts are needed, leave a comment and I'll see about getting links.

Also let me know what you think of the new idea of doing challenges for new eps instead of the old ones. I really want to know what you guys think, what I can do to make the challenges more interesting/inspiring.

ETA: Do you all think that fics should be cut for spoilers if posted before the ep airs everywhere? Say if a fic is posted by someone who lives on the east coast before the ep airs on the west? Or with the challenge being for missing scenes/codas, are spoilers a given?
20th-Aug-2005 01:20 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
This week is 218 - Chasing the Bus. Challenge good till next Saturday. Have fun.
John Barrowman by goinsaneicons
Disclaimer: Sara is not mine, neither are any of the characters or situations mentioned.

I finally got a plot bunny, based on a scene in Sex, Lies And Larvae. Hope you enjoy.

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16th-Aug-2005 12:44 am - Community pimp csi_fictalk
John Barrowman by goinsaneicons
Because I felt the need.

This community is for discussion and questions relating to the writing of fanfic for any of the CSI shows. Slash, het and gen questions are completely welcome and appropriate. Do not flame anyone for their fictional choice or lifestyle - doing so will result in you being banned. Character bashing is not permitted on the community, no matter who it is. Real Person Fiction discussion and questions are allowed. And if you write William Petersen/Willem Dafoe RPS, the maintainer will be your slave for life
13th-Aug-2005 12:45 pm - Canon question
stain froud
Does anyone recall the name of the department shrink, and possibly an episode where he's mentioned? I recall someone (Ecklie?) telling Greg about his availability sometime after Greg started working in the field, but it wasn't in "Chasing the Bus" or "No Humans Involved", which were my best guesses.

Also, anyone know the proper comm to ask this sort of question? csi_beta seems largely dead, and I hate to spam up csi_slash since stories and comm ads are the only two appropriate post types listed on the info page.
12th-Aug-2005 05:25 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
Last week's challenge is still good till tomorrow, this week's is good till next friday. Ended up pulling a S1 ep this time. Sex, Lies & Larvae. Script linked like always. Have fun!
10th-Aug-2005 03:25 pm - Pimping
[goggles] do nothing
Sorry if this isn't allowed, delete it if you deem necessary.

Ever seen a screencap of CSI and known that something else was going on? Well, now you can let everyone know! Come join the brand new CSI Captions community, csicaptions.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Every day a new picture will be posted (from CSI: Vegas, Miami or New York). Just leave a comment with your caption and the next day everyone votes for their favorite. At the end of the week, custom versions of the screencaps will be made, incorporating the winning captions. Just come on in and have some fun! csicaptions, because you can write funnier dialogue.
7th-Aug-2005 11:49 pm - The Fall, PG-13
[goggles] do nothing
I got a plot bunny to submit, finally. Enjoy!

Title: The Fall
Author: quettaser
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Warnings: Spoilers for "Play with Fire"
Summary: Done for csi_missing_500, Post-Ep for "Play with Fire." Greg doesn't have time to debate the number of words in a given phrase.

x-posted to quettaser, nickngreg, csi_slash, and csi_missing_500

The Fall
6th-Aug-2005 07:47 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
Since I'm late this week, I'm gonna give everyone till next Saturday on this week's challenge. Play With Fire. Hopefully this ep will prompt some inspiration for some missing scenes. *smiles*
29th-Jul-2005 12:20 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
Sorry about last week. Personal shit happened. *waves hand around* Anyway, this week's is Ep 418 - Bad to the Bone.

Question. Is anyone *really* still interested in doing these? Is there some other way I could be putting out the challenges to make it more interesting? Anything at all? You're input is greatly appreciated. *nods* Thanks.
15th-Jul-2005 08:04 am - Challenge #6
Butterfly Dragon
This week's challenge is What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?. Script linked as always. Have fun!
7th-Jul-2005 07:52 pm - Challenge 5: 3x08 Snuff - Plot Bunny
stain froud
Contributing a plot bunny rather than a story for this/last week's episode 3x08 Snuff.

When Grissom and Nick first arrive at the ranch where they're investigating the corpse-in-a-box-of-fire-ants, Nick asks Grissom if he's ever ridden a horse, and Grissom says, "only roller coasters". Since Nick was raised Texan, he surely knows how to ride, so my idea (free for the taking) is that Nick takes Grissom horseback riding. I couldn't pull this off in a week and 500 words because I don't ride horses myself, but I'm thinking there are perhaps trust issues there... Grissom will trust the engineers who made the roller coaster, but trusting the training of a living, breathing animal that outweighs him by a bunch may be a different story altogether, and of course the amount he's willing to trust Nick plays into that as well. Also of possible significance is the fact that we know, from Grave Danger, that Grissom was a Roy Rogers fan, and yet he's never ridden a horse? Interesting.

I'd also forgotten that this episode gave Nick some experience with fire ants, which he may well have been recalling during Grave Danger... but that's a whole different plot bunny (also free for the taking).
7th-Jul-2005 01:00 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
I'm posting this now while I'm actually thinking of it. Don't know if anyone's gonna wanna play this week, but you never know. 118 - $35K OBO. Script linked, as always. And if anyone is still working on last week's challenge, feel free to post when you finish.
1st-Jul-2005 06:05 pm(no subject)
Butterfly Dragon
Gah, I so don't deserve this job. I keep forgetting to post. *shakes head and laughs* Thankfully quettaser asked me what this week's was and reminded me. So, here you all go, this week is 308 - Snuff. Transcript's linked, like usual. Have fun!
1st-Jul-2005 12:36 pm - Challenge 4: 1x02 "Cool Change"
stain froud
Title: Mixed Signals?
Author: Brienze
Rating: teen (for language only)
Pairing: Nick/Gil
Episode: 1x02, "Cool Change"
Summary: Nick doesn’t know what to make of Supervisor Grissom.
Warnings: I’m evil.
Notes: Written for the fourth csi_missing_500 challenge. As usual, episode quotes excluded from wordcount. Past deadline, but someone had to write something for this week...

Mixed Signals?Collapse )
23rd-Jun-2005 11:24 pm - Challenge #4
Butterfly Dragon
I keep forgetting to post these earlier in the day, so how about we start each challenge on Friday? It's technically still Thursday, but eh, *shrugs, grins*, what does that matter?

So, this week we have... *closes eyes and rummages in number box* Ah, a season one ep, cool. 102 - Cool Change. Transcript's linked in case you need it.

Have fun, ya'll!
23rd-Jun-2005 12:31 am - Challenge 3: 3x10 High and Low
Title: Bugs, Brass, and A B******
Author: Brienze
Rating: Adult Only
Pairing: Gil/Jim
Episode: 3x10, "High and Low"
Summary: We’ve always guessed a relationship with Grissom would be educational.
Warnings: Is oral sex a warning or an advertisement?
Notes: Written for the third csi_missing_500 challenge. Unbeta’d because I am a loser who waits till the very last minute on deadlines.

It’s after midnight in my part of the world, but I maintain that since obsidian_rai hasn’t posted next week’s challenge yet, it isn’t too late. Consider this a rough draft -- barely edited, much less beta’d -- but I couldn’t resist a tribute to what was probably the quirkiest Brass moment ever.

Bugs, Brass, and A B******Collapse )
22nd-Jun-2005 12:47 am - Challenge 3: 3x10 High and Low
stain froud
Title: Point, Counterpoint
Author: Brienze
Rating: mature
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Episode: 3x10, "High and Low"
Summary: There’s a reason we never saw a Nick/Greg relationship on film.
Warnings: Angsty
Notes: Written for the third csi_missing_500 challenge. Episode outtakes not part of the word count. Acronyms may also have been abused for word count purposes. Unbeta’d because I am a loser who waits till the last minute on deadlines.

Point, CounterpointCollapse )
21st-Jun-2005 10:35 pm - Challenge 3
Celebs - Jensen's Watching
Title: Ups and Downs
Author: quietdiscerning
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Episode: 03x10 High and Low
Summary: Greg's moods are ever changing...
Beta: Once over done by mellacious

Lab Master
20th-Jun-2005 05:53 pm(no subject)
Here's my missing 500. The dialogue before is from the ep and the closing is also from the ep so I don't count those in the word count, just wanted to set up what was going on.

Title: Let Go
Author: SAEbuffyboy
Pairing: Nick and Greg, with mention of Nick and Gris. *dodges fruit*
Rating: Pretty harsh language solid R
Ep: High and Low
Warning: there is some pretty harsh talk between the boys. If you don't like to see them as not good people don't read.
Summary: Nick finds a way, but Greg can't let go.
A/N: brought on by Greg's handeling of Nick in his lab earlier in the ep. It's my beliefe that they this is around the time they have just started whatever relationship they have. Things are still muddled and undefined.

Well here it is. Feedback loved and welcomed.

Let GoCollapse )
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