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CSI:LV Missing Scenes in 500 Words

"Are we paying you by the word?"

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Ever watched an episode of CSI: LV and wondered what happened between scenes or after the ep ended? Here's your chance to tell those stories. In exactly 500 words.

Ways to participate:
1. Weekly Challenges
Each Thursday evening, a new challenge will be posted. It will be the new season 6 episode just aired, if there is a new ep that week. If there isn’t one, it will be a Season 1-5 episode chosen more or less at random. You then have till next week’s episode airs to write a missing scene/coda from the challenge ep.

2. Any Episode, All the Time
If the challenge episode doesn’t strike a chord with you, 500 word post-ep stories of any CSI:LV episode are always welcome. The more the merrier, we say! Challenge yourself to write one post-ep a week, whether it’s the community’s weekly challenge episode or not!

3. Plot Bunnies
If you can’t manage to write a 500 word story for the week’s challenge episode but you’ve thought of a great idea, comment on the challenge thread and share it! All bunnies posted will be considered up for adoption to any good home. If you take one, be polite and credit the person who gave the bunny away!

4. Comment!
Authors love feedback. The strict 500 word limit can be really tough to fit a story into, so comment and let them know what you thought of it. Even if you’re not a writer, you can participate by leaving feedback. Don’t be shy! No one will lob decomp soup at you for delurking to comment, we promise!


1. Stories must be 500 words, no more, no less. If you write an "uncut" story that covers more ground than the 500 word one, feel free to also give a link to the "author’s cut" long form. Links to longer stories are welcome only when accompanied by a 500 word version.

2. Stories must be behind a lj-cut with a proper header. Not sure how to make a lj-cut? Go here.
Headers should look like this -
Transcript (if applicable):
Summary: (optional)
Warnings: (if applicable - i.e., BDSM, non-con, character death, etc.)

If your story is in response to the week’s challenge, you don’t need to provide a link to the episode transcript. Please do include a transcript link (you can find a list of transcripts in this post) if your story is based on a past challenge or is some other episode that you felt like writing about.

4. All pairings, slash (m/m or f/f), het and gen allowed. All ratings allowed.

5. NO FLAMING. Be respectful. If it's not your cup of tea, don't read it.

6. Most importantly - HAVE FUN. The possbilities are endless so have a ball.

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